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@QuakerWanker @root @extinct jumping in to add that I distinctly recall the attitude of women not having souls extending to silent hill 3 because the protagonist was a girl and thus Bad

@root @extinct I also forever remember the intense and weird elitism around silent hill (usually 2) over like any other horror game? Like pretending that Resident Evil's B-movie trappings were just bad writing and not like... A bit? Or that Clocktower and Fatal Frame were stupid and for girls...

@extinct @root oh yeah I think people find it easy to forget how bad the 00's games discourse was like everything we associate with the shittiest people was just taken for granted.

Remember when the online consensus around SH3 was that it was a totally inferior story to SH2 with no theme or story outside the cult plot of SH1? Because idk... I guess gamers had never heard of unwanted pregnancy or teen girls

googling shit at the end of a concert like why don't i enjoy concerts seemingly anywhere near as much as literally everyone else here what is wrong with me why doesn't this do the same thing to me as it does to everyone around me lol

ah yes, modems, i know what those are *panicking*

@root based on what i saw from players' reactions in the years following SH2's release, no, a lot of them saw james as a relatable everyman who suffered through a living nightmare because he had blueballs due to his wife being too sick to fuck him and that's normal and cool i guess?

re: link 🔗 to the mentioned article 

@julian @root @jojo well fuck, I thought science saved the crabs
what the fuck America

"I'll tell you all about payloads later" he said, nonsexually

currently watching a minecraft let's play by someone who got their email answered by strong bad once

@monorail damn... how can I ever compete with e-celebrities on that level

ok I think I'm game to go back home. that was a lot to deal with.

wait what do you mean this wasn't a 100gecs concert and they were only the opener?

learning that the amount of gecs is similar to a bumpscosity slider. really cool to see the parallels.

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these people couldn't get anything decent smelling to smoke in public? how fucking embarrassing for them.

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I'm not sure why the lights and fog make people so excited at concerts. like wow or sure isn't a live execution and/or sacrifice, is that supposed to entertain me? where's the exclusivity, the intrigue, the diversity between shows? this is why live shows are crumbling.

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