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is your refrigerator running? good, i love it when food is cold, have a nice day

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"no one wants to work" 

As seen on birdsite

A 15$ min wage wouldn't fucking kill jobs and this is proof

Push harder for more

researching coydogs because it is one of the few things i oddly miss from arizona. people just randomly had dogs that were half coyote from one wild incident or another.

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@FirstProgenitor mika they are wow players, they are already a lost cause

i should probably let my last place of work that i was just alerted about an active woocommerce security vulnerability that has not been resolved and they need to update, but i also entirely don't give a shit.

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i get so excited about going to the gas station or whatever but it's been a long time so i'm constantly rolling up to the energy drink aisle like:

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i have banished the bad thoughts i was having with this demon maker thanks to @Sorl for sharing it >:3c

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waiting for my microdose of meth to kick in so i can research this shitty cloud-based tech company as to write a relevant cover letter so i can apply for this job i vehemently do not want that is also over 40 minutes away which is already more than 3x my preferred distance away from me.

im only applying because my friends don't understand "that wouldn't be a good fit for me" and simply deflect that by saying, "maybe you can work from home" which sure yeah i prefer that but also it sucks ass.

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i left the wfh customer service industry due to it being extremely mentally unhealthy for me and how horrible of a state it put me in and yet it looks like that is what i'm going to be forced to do until my brain finally breaks. well, if i'm lucky.

for some reason not possible for me to get insured needles for some dumb of ass thing. hopefully just employee negligence and not anything more. 

my needles were delayed and supposed to be resolved by the 5th. i just want to not die for fuck sake can you please just hire someone competent that can make sure i dont need to re-use needles. fuck the world.

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uhh, you claim to be starving and dying from the plague, yet you have a chimeny. i bet a sumerian high priest would have given anything to live in a house with a chimney

oh neat found a horror movie well in the backyard covered by old particle sheet board held down by bags of cement.

normal things. :)

i like weird things in games that happen over time unintentionally like how a thing that was bad when it came out became highly valued later on like the yu-gi-oh card, solemn judgement. it used to be really bad because there were no card effects yet that were dangerous enough that paying half your life to destroy it would be worth it. but now that games are much faster and so many cards can completely end the game, only half your life is suddenly a lot better than all of it.

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i'm just going to stare into this image for a while and learn

pig in latin is sus and i think that's beautiful.

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