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wild razor scooters roam free here. nature is healing.


gonna need to find a dealer here which is not what id prefer but oh well time to go mill about some active parks looking for shady dudes with large jackets and hope they aren't sexual predators.

If a person doesn't see poverty as a structural issue related to capitalism then there are two directions they usually go:

A) obfuscatory hand wringing; stating that the problem of societal organization is too complex for humans to solve (and pouring their intellect into "proving" this), à la Hayek, Popper, or Taleb


B) Putting the onus on individuals aka social darwinism, à la Murray, Hayek (again), or Herbert Spencer.

There are no other convincing (to some people) ways to frame it.

How many trans people in denial does it take to change a light bulb? 

O-oh, me?? No, no, I don't need to change the lightbulb. I mean maybe it's a little dim in here but it isn't dark enough for me to go through THAT. It's normal for everyone to wish it was brighter isn't it?

i need to find more "small" (assuming this might be important largely to avoid identification of what they are doing?) youtubers that do intensive guerilla journalism.

diets are ableist and i hate them lmao 

i cannot fast due to the production of more than average ketones will send me, rather quickly, into diabetic ketoacidosis. ive tried several different methods of fasting and have ended up in the hospital every time.

for this reason, i will always vehemently hate and be unreasonably angry towards anyone that supports any 'cleanses', 'detoxes' or fasting.

shut the fuck up, die. stop trying to kill people and just die.

@root And I'll do this by slamming fistfuls of mushrooms in the Amazon

@root I've been reading a bunch of 70's psuedoscience stuff like all those mathematicians who got too into acid, and damn if there isn't a singe part of Hinduism these dudes won't snag and westernize

@root i was hoping for "pretty panic" to describe the feeling of a pretty person making me flustered and all I got was whitewashed bullshit

just learned about the term, "pranic" and i am not happy about it.

my gf got a kick out of this pic of my late hamster effie with my mom...

has the first girl boss drone strike gender reveal happened yet

@root ive helped so many god damn turtles and got so many scrolls for them too for a hood that doesn't even look that great but is better than my original feather hat thing queen

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