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toast has recently really enjoyed preventing us from moving for long periods of time by quickly applying herself to either of our open laps whenever possible and who can blame her when it's so successful.

@root @robotcarsley @umalkosh it's like a concept you forget every time you learn about it, except instead of forgetting, you get mauled by a fucking bear.

@umalkosh @root you may think you know how to count to ten, but there are three numbers between one and ten that you will never learn about in a government school

Violence against Indigenous people, historical 

The US ran boarding schools designed to strip Indigenous people of their languages, tribal practices, religions and cultures, which is a form of cultural genocide. But today some white people feel ok about telling others that they aren't Indigenous enough.

Read some history before your ignorance hurts someone

fun to be the wholesome easy-going Mary sue in an anime

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today already isn't phenomenal so i suppose I'll just disassociate into ffxiv to sort of feel better? lmao

I have watched hours of genshin impact and I still have no idea what it is

ffxiv rambling 

i have hardly been paying attention to the story until recently because it honestly felt like the first 30-40ish levels were just filler and world building lmao but now im interested because it feels like an anime now. well, i guess with the way i described it it was always kind of like an anime but now it's the interesting part of the anime.

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drawing in october 10 of 31 

to celebrate drawing in october, i will be illustrating one shitpost per day. I will try not to repeat anyone. Today it's @root with

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@root that's a common misconception, but it actually eats the souls of the grass

ffxiv, main story spoilers lv50 spot with the meeting about the empire 

hell yeah, when the allied forest elves, desert mercenaries, and sexy pirates all got their confidence back to fight a god killing empire after me, a twink, a himbo, and britney spears walked in, i felt that.


idk why as i imagine being in this scenario i'm imagining my dog as also carrying a candle around (as though she can't see in the dark just fine?) but in her mouth like it is a treat.

it's kind of funny going through ffxiv knowing you'll never have the pure power, skill, concentrated power of will of the aesthetician. I'm just spamming cure hoping i get free cure ii procs when it never even matters due to the in battle mana recovery skill it is just simply the one cool thing i can do.

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.