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@root It's good to know other toast "breadren" exist.

*puts open face helmet on redguard in elder scrolls: arena which has what i guess must be a preset face for open face helmets of a white dude?*

bethesda: game design is my passion

i love telling women what they can and cannot wear

I want to go on something more thrilling than Boat Hire 1.

are you harder, better, faster, stronger than a fifth grader?

Nature really likes crabs and keeps trying to evolve more of them.

Carcinisation is the name of a process of convergent evolution, in which crustaceans evolve into crab-like forms. In decapod crustatceans, there have been at least 5 distinct times when crab-like animals have evolved.

Coconut crabs, king crabs, and hermit crabs are not types of true crab, and are only distantly related.

Just some proof that me giving my bat huge ears is entirely justified

Never trust anyone who refers to women as "females"

it's weird how everyone outside of leftist circles seems willfully committed to fundamentally misunderstanding what anarchy is, almost like there's been decades of propaganda to paint it as-- *falls asleep for 1000 years because im just so tired*

self-promo, pls boost

Streaming JACKBOX games! You can join in as well! Feel free to come in and mess around with yer fuckin answers baybeeeeee

(pls join)

how is the wizard battle royale? spell combinations are always sexy sounding.

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