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warframe, decade old it's always sunny joke 

I come out, I throw trash all over the-all over the ring, and then, I start eatin' garbage!

weed stuff 

that wasn't the emoji i was gonna use but it was recommended and i thought it was funnier. god I'm high im sorry this is so not funny lmao

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weed stuff 

finally got my metal downstem so i can stop breaking glass ones with heat or with cleaning or by accident and it's way bigger so it's a lot easier to inhale with. I've been using a pretty tiny silicone one that i can finally toss but it needed a lot of succ so i did the same with this one and hoooweemama i got a big hit lmao definitely recommend making sure your airflow isn't restricted anywhere it doesn't need to be to be so you're taking the biggest rips you can is what i learned 😌

how do i say “i’ll play with you after i roll this joint” to my cat? like how many meows


i didn't spend this long getting this segment to be sassed by the tumor in my ship. at least i also have an immortal saryn jr also though.

@Thomas @root @Taweret Hey wait a minute, there's only room for one 6 year old shitposter on this website and it's me.

candy, complaining about circus peanuts 

@root "despite all the people that liked it being long gone" wrong i'm alive, consuming circus peanuts on the reg, and more powerful than any of u can possibly imagine

candy, complaining about circus peanuts 

circus peanuts are artificial banana flavor which you may know is the taste of an extinct banana rather than current bananas.

that context given, how fucked up is that? hard ass marshmallows in the shape of orange peanuts that taste like a bad version of an extinct fruit. they weren't even trying to make it bad, freaks 100 years ago just liked it due to their primitive tastebuds and they never stopped despite all the people that liked it being long gone.

the chernobyl elephant's foot is a non-binary icon

you'd think mesh/fishnet fabric face mask should be a shitpost, but it isn't.

glucose father, i humbly request that you bequeath treasures upon me.

@root tbh I should be trying to figure out what the current state of the OpenCL profiling ecosystem is, but maybe shitposting in inkscape is a better use of my time after all

warframe, complaining about DE's balance ideology 

i miss the old days when nyx wasnt a bottom-tier frame and was needed to mass cc the later defense levels. now so many have power crept her playstyle or hybridized it with more powerful support skills like wisp. well i suppose the majority of frames need either 1 or 2 ability reworks and at least a good handful that need entire kit overhauls. maybe in a few years lol. although who knows when it seems that 95% of a category being obsolete is ideal.


lmao, there's an ex-WoW player in our party and we had to explain to them the idea of "do the mechanics so the boss doesn't kill you"

tbh want to become an elementary or middle school art teacher because they consistently never have their lives together and are, at best, moderate at art and that's all right up my alley, that's my vibe.

i love to hide in tall grass and get the shit beaten out of me by rats

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.