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We're in the anime season where there is no beach episode, only strife

@root every so often I go back and binge all the classics

Black trans woman death 

Queasha D Hardy

A Black trans woman was murdered in Baton Rouge, and is being dead named by journalists

Feel free to email The Advocate at

You deadnamed Queasha D Hardy as the victim in a shooting on
N Harco Drive. Deadnaming is harmful and poor journalistic practice especially if the defense for using a deadname is, “that’s what was on the police report.”

us healthcare 

yes obviously i can and need to buy my own to survive but going into debt more and more every month to have insurance that won't even give me the cheapest to produce non reusable product so i can survive is so cool lol

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us healthcare 

love to be out of needles because my insurance decided they were done buying them for me and i can just die for right now but come back next month then it's all good. if you live teehee

Yeah when and where exactly is the grand reception complete with light hors d’oeuvres and a fine sparkling wine? just wondering!

@enbyss people who are against emulation are bootlickers, plain and simple

How to Help Pass the Time While You Wait for Your Anti Depressant to Kick In

@root oh no, they shouldn'T be cancelled at all, I'm just saying they're terrifying and powerful creatures who deserve veneration and respect

i dont know anything about dragon quest but i love those little slimes

anyway someone made the point that this is just elon musk and grimes and i can't stop thinking about it

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used to be 6 ft 2 now im 5 ft 11. HRT didn't give me tiddy but it put my height /somewhere/

women look better in glasses and that's a fact. jot that down 🗒️

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