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you could never get tarzanboy tier content on twitter

Yeah how often do you vacuum your lawn!


puffing my own rice to make rice krispies so i don't have to go outside and i can even use sushi rice to be luxurious


bought the materials to craft a Tokyo iced tea which i got at a sushi restaurant cesya took me to for my birthday and i uhhh also haven't drank since then so two sips into this refreshing drink and im already delirious lmao


@root star wars let me watch from inside my own wardrobe and for that i am eternally grateful

was trying to capture a blep but she did this instead

releasing a refreshing sigh like i drank a cola on a commercial after giving myself an injection

island name??

can you have spaces in your island name, and does it say island after it when you visit somewhere or when the name is said like 'name island' or nah?

covid-19, christianity 

jesus stays dead this year don't you even try it, churches.

I want to create a bamboo forest and a dock which will be over a lake with a wide waterfall in the background.

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.