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pokemon swsh expansion info, upcoming legendary shitpost 

@root imagine Heihachi’s head on Charizard’s body

my popsock thing finally broke so i need to order a new one but i need to update my self portrait first lmao

i haven't cared about what's going on with the uspol drama until i heard abelina sabrina summarize recent events. she's just so nice to listen to no matter what she says lmao

@root capitalism is a less transparent version of world 1-1 in tribulation mode

pokemon swsh expansion info, upcoming legendary shitpost 

i mean it only makes sense with both the dojo theme of the coming expansion as well as the pokken/tekken dealio so this pokemon will be added to both games.

group escape room you're all incapacitated by bondage gear but there's a bomb

im infinitely too tired to do my taxes despite the fact they owe me money

While jacked into the Pikine datahub you cast a spell with Elden Salzwedel, a magnificent time traveller.

@root yes i love the electric mouse *checks note* pukachi


i guess my point is that police departments have lower standards for their officers than my local grocer has for fruit

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the poor lighting on the pokemon home character images make all the pokemon look offbrand lmao

I only buy my clothes from headshops so if, god forbid, an item of clothing I want doesn't have a weed leaf on it it'll at least have some cool skulls on it

New bot idea: if you follow the bot it follows you back and every time you toot it tells you to go fuck yourself

furry porn meta 

@root good giraffe penis images are obnoxiously difficult to find on the internet and general reference materials shy away from describing that part of an animal's physiology (fucking prudes)

leave it to a company that makes dildos for furries to give me the goods

i know a guy who tried to do PUBG esports and the secret to playing at that level was realizing that you could put the game audio to deafening levels and get an advantage out of it because every sound is played from way further away than they should. anyway he's got hearing damage now and pubg esports is dead, so

im infinitely too tired to do my taxes despite the fact they owe me money

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