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food, random encounters of elle's life 

you find yourself in the bakery of the grocery store. a tall man with a thin leather jacket approaches you with hand on his hip and exclaims, "oh no! my dinner plans are ruined, they're out of rotisserie chicken." unsure of what's entirely going on you give your best stage, "oh no!?" and he just kinda saunters off.

hosting some shiny giga grimmsnarl raids ;>

walking into the gym for the first and final time as part of a new year's resolution.

"2020 just got a whole lot flexier" i wheeze while haphazardly throw free weights around and knocking over an entire row of stationary bikes.

"what's better than this, pubes head to toe..."

they're very upset i keep opening the hutch doors

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idk if i ever really introduced my guinea pigs but the orange and white fur lad is winston and the elusive orange, black, and white fur boi is toblerone.

it would have actually been better if no one joined because this fellow has missed three moves in a row and didn't gigantimax.

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@DissidentKitty also if you need textbooks you definitely shouldn't pirate them from because it would be bad for capitalism

took me like 4 dang hours and im tired now but at least their new home is constructed and they seem pleased.

apparently im supposed to do carpentry to put this hutch together?

@root u know it's gonna be a while when they shut their eyes so tight like that

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.