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tai lopez copypasta pokemon edit 

@root that's the big difference between cheap and expensive wrapping paper - gotta pay real money for the thick stuff!

i think the issue is they've made wrapping paper TOO easy to tear... or im just extremely inept with my hands. it's probably that.

ive cut the paper too short despite measuring twice and im using packing tape because i can't find any like not shipping tape.

so we're already bringing back memories.

sitting here staring at the floor with boxed gifts sat in the middle of my token lesbian plaid wrapping paper (provided at lesbian signup) realizing the last time i wrapped a box and didn't just put things in a big pretty bag with a lot of green tissue paper and confetti was when i helped my mom wrap gifts when i was younger. needless to say they were pretty... avant-garde.

🌸💀🔪 follow for more soft grunge ⚰️🕯💕

if you're hot, they're hot. take them out!

pokemon battling rambling 

toast really missed us and then after eating her dinner in like five entire seconds she jumped on me to pass out immediately

I've been queueing for Stand-up Roller Coaster 1 for ages.

tai lopez copypasta pokemon edit 

star wars but everyone is played by baby yoda

making a living in spikemuth by selling illegitimate reproductions of the small official seal on polteageist pots.

oh wow didn't realize until now the watchtower ruins is just a huge den.

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