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how common are rowdy steakhouses that cut off your tie while ringing a dinner bell if you're wearing one and proceed to hang it from the ceiling as well as other weird things? is that like just a southwest thing or is there a similar thing where you are?

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kink shitpost 

being tied TO someone,,,, the ultimate bondage

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OkCupid, my review 

It sucks everything is bad romance is terrible i'm very sensitive #dirtTour

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YEEHAW *spurs the dad i am riding on and goes off into the sunset*

sakurai: she's a beautiful woman with an androgynous sense of style.

pokemon sword/shield, lite spoilers 

the sword/shield fish pokemon that was in the bird pokemon's mouth evolves into just a bigger, angrier fish that learns close combat. this fish is going to beat you up without limbs.

why is google sending me a free google home they definitely are farming ad data or whatever.

pokemon sword/shield drama take 

my faves got in so i dont care about the national dex lmao

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nsfw, dysphoria, shitpost? 

sometimes you just wanna get fucked so hard you forget your entire life before you came out, yknow?

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@xander pop and rock are funny genres because they make the best and the worst music at the same time


felt very in tune with grandma dynamiye making myself a dang quesadilla this morning.


the stranger things child's prank show popped up for me and i decided to give it a shot and holy frck this child is so messed up these are not pranks??

pokemon sword/shield fossil pokemon spoiler 

[fossils in galar have two pieces that need to be revived together but any two can be used together.]

oh neat that sounds like it wo-oh no no no go back put them back together normal no no this isn't right help

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like a young child, maybe even more so than i used to be, i am paralyzed with anticipation for a video game in a way that i can't focus on much of anything else. unbelievable.

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halloween may be over
but you are never safe from razor blades in your food
it is my job to make sure of this

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