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i fell asleep working on yesterday's inktober lmao sho im behind again oops

god did not make the good blue earth full of delicious salty water for me not to drink it

o my god my tinder date was literally postponed due to gamer rage. (the person's roommate punched a hole in their wall and they have to wait for the repair person)

i have a white line through the bottom of my areola after recovering from a cat scratch. bizarre.

ok so this one is kinda minimal so i feel bad since my prior ones were mostly a more detailed character or a scene so i feel bad for just doing an object, but i was really not feeling this prompt lmao i had no real ideas for husky so i made a kinda sinister looking corn husk doll using the original gameboy color palette. the good news is im caught up and now i can think about day 7 finally lmao

pixelart gore 

mirror selfie, no eye contact 

mirror selfie, no eye contact 

don't mind me, i'm just over here playing sexy chess with my robot

@everyone in the Phoenix Metro area: the Southwest Center clinic provides informed consent HRT among other things!

I'd reccomend calling over filling out the online form!

asking for help 

@root -extremely old timey doctor voice- Shes got ghost in her blood,. Should do cocaine bout it.

doctor please help... mmy daughter... she's haunted

the trick is lathering your hair with cocktail onions!

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.