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Dinosaurs (and birds are dinos) have genes for UV protection and eyesight which really help during the day, all of which we don't have. We gotta wear UV protective sunglasses because our ancestors were nocturnal because dinosaurs ruled the world, basically. Fuck, Earth is cool as hell.

ball gore idk 

money making tip, emulating menstrual effects on underwear 

ball gore idk 

castration, childhood experiences, earliest memory regarding trans feels 

castration, childhood experiences, earliest memory regarding trans feels 

i think i happened into being someone's amateur etsy model in exchange for some of their stuff and im into it lmao

A few of you spend a little too much time here, in my opinion

lil old (like 3ish years) japanese horror that im only just catching up on 

the capitalists finally made what i asked for, knock-off dr. pepper la croix!

re: transphobia 

@natehousley we just roast healyn all day because we know he is so insanely powerful that it wont affect him.

the body changes between these two are so dramatic to me? never had a good photo of my plank body prior to now

holy frock i just found this and I'm wearing the same skirt even lmao unexpected

yes i have the sign still.

<no ec, self>

no matter if im feeling oor , I'm always looking my

<self, no ec>

gosh when am i gonna finally make a happy crying slimebot jumanji to spam at everyone being nice to me so much...

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