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these cats are congregating in an office space full of fish.

@00dani i think the issue is that distinction was likely never considered as all other ground clutter material may be stored and they are just similarly in that category (hence why they're inside instead of outside as outside it'd lower my island rating which is worse) but that must've been overlooked as it isn't factored in with identifying ground clutter as anything else that can be 'dropped' other than turnips can be stored which generally won't be in your house anymore by 5am Sunday anyway

@efi lol i mean i could throw them away but they seem wanted by a lot of people

@SuperCee lmao Audie was telling me that she is creeped out that people come into her house secretly but she dismissed needing to lock her doors stating she'll happily leave them unlocked if it means winning prizes

get out of my house! i didn't sign up for the HHA and i definitely didn't sign up for a negging service!

@skelltan i assure you it isn't that important you aren't missing out on anything. i think my mom just remembered when i was born without even looking at my certificate but if you don't have a way of finding out just choose the time that feels right in your heart. and by that i mean whatever seems the coolest outcome to you.

@skelltan literally like every astrology database. dont look into it it's unnerving.

me with 1.1k hours in acnh: oh what, the majority of people in my same position are occupying quarantine time learning valuable skills and such? haha rad rad.



monorail, assumedly: just a humble 9'.

sherb has grown on me immensely honestly. he's a treat.

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.