@shade lmaooo yesss ugh i totally forgot it was tomorrow i need to call some shops in the morning lmao

@shade please show me.. i was wondering why no one was advertising black Friday flash tattoos earlier this year i guess they were waiting to put baby Yoda on everyone

like i get so excited when my outdated html 3 code i know still works so i don't need to quickly Google a tutorial lol

glad to get back into web dev finally but jeez i feel so behind lol

now there's an improvement with the
floating objects div i gotta learn now? aw jeez. I'll just use a table for now so i can just manage it in html without adding even more random css clutter

selfie, eye contact, cat 

selfie, eye contact, cat 

@Sapphicgiraffic he simply has lots of knives and thinks other people should have knives too

"be excellent to each other" is a mindset i wish more people would get into

@penelopie__ can always reverse the update if necessary but yeah for security it's generally good to update when a stable release is out

@chillallmen i know too too muxh about that show and so much of its nonsense is embedded in my brain from being so depressed in high school that only the most deranged and removed from reality comedy could make me laugh

why would u watch bad shows when u can watch xavier renegade angel, the pinaccle of fucking terrible shows

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