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if you would like to help me continue to wade through this particular surgical swamp and maybe also get to med school and change it, donations are deeply appreciated: ko-fi.com/amphetamine

@j997922 @ghostwife im cackling someone call alan resnick he'd definitely be into producing this

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@extinct this is why big foot photos are never clear. it's actually sexy alf.

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*jer nervously peeks into the crawlspace realizing in terror this is where kt keeps the muppets all too late as the door locks behind him*



@muppetbutler @mcknze sometimes the second opinion isn't to get the right one but to get the one we need to hear

@Thomas that's hon estly fair lol i dont like and honestly dont even remember the introduction until they finally make him go to tokyo for some reason i forget lmao but once there, there's lots of pretty shots and a v fun soundtrack that you will never ever get out of your head? unless that's just me. i didnt care about the main character at all but for some reason it's still a good time lol

@Thomas ok tokyo drift is actually not bad at all? like you gotta get past the 4th tokyo drift to get into boring slog territory. but if you want a legitimately bad movie, the pure meme abundance you're missing out on not seeing the mess that is paul blart is immense.

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420; eye contact 

selfie, laser pose 

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@ldopa i honestly didnt know he was still alive so i looked him up and he's 69 how neat is that

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White people, Myasstodon has your precious Bruce Springsteen hostage. Await further instructions on our demands

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here i was wondering how long it would take for someone to masturbate to big tiddy alf and yet little did i know it's gone far past that.

extinct art prompt suggestions 

@gtccreations ugh im such a sucker for lovely magical desert scenes like this wowow :cat_slime:

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Adding more environments! This is the outside of an arcade/ice cream shop

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Being belligerent towards companies on behalf of your black and brown friends is a fun way to utilize your white privilege.

I've gotten a killer discount or two thanks to a friend calling and being my angry white wife.

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