waking up in a cold sweat remembering that gamers cant grow a beard so they think clear peach fuzz on a woman's face to show off cgi in a videogame is a woke beard for the trans agenda

Doctor: you are very sick

Me: i am transgender

Doctors: 1000 leeches

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@craigmaloney thought this concept was obvious from how desperate they were to have workers not work from home during a pandemic despite similar if not improved productivity lmao so dumb

I've got the data from the crimelab... turns out? you cum is criminal...

@a_rock gta6 finally answers gamer outcry for more things to purchase they can't steal so Rockstar has added the ability to buy character dance lessons so we can finally fortnite dance on our enemies.

@dragon risks of pregnancy like micro plastics. the cum is everywhere..

@skelltan "I've never been asked such a simple question before, nephew"

these are not sold by hardware stores not because they kill you but because they are robot double-ended dildos

frank sex talk 

@PhoebeWallerPalladino this frank fellow must be pretty great

someone at forbes in 1989: this'll be a funny cover, get an artist on it

me in 2022: i would love to serve the sexy soviet bear milf

jack on and begin your phantasy star adventure inside of ken.

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