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@root@elle.systems @SeanAloysiusOBrien@tenforward.social "hey babe I gotta post about this for the mufos can you make that disgusted face you were making a few moments ag- oh you already are, that's perfect!"

someone losing it and re-emerging from the woods 30 minutes later with an axe screaming as i look at the camera like jim from the office or whatever and i say, "wow, real mature".

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if i was a lighthouse keeper i would simply not go mad because i dont get lonely when im isolated. guess im just built different.

why does it feel like the overwhelming majority of straight dudes i interact with and try to build friendships with just end up putting me in the 500 Days of Summer conundrum and im just trying to have a good time and they keep trying to blast my back walls. fuck off im just trying to live god dammit.

@ben @efi I'm not sure if i like the alchemist necromancer or mechanist more lol

@Taweret the funny thing is you could totally do a parodic take on explaining how alpha werewolves exist and are the only species with an alpha due to the majority of human werewolves vehemently believing in the false alpha wolf behavior existence, creating a culture that doesn't exist by having everyone in the community believe it does exist.

maybe that's too meta but that'd be the only werewolf story I'd read regarding that kind of false belief lmao

nothing better than a video thumbnail portraying a blurred individual throwing something large and the baked-in captioning just reading, "HEY!"

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien i love how betrayed and revolted she looks too it really sells it.

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More walls, a new door, and starting to play with the transparent layers in the middle of the room. There's something really satisfying in seeing pixel art projected in 3d like that ~

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trying to dom myself into habitually brushing my hair so it stops transforming into a 1600sqft home for rat friends within several days

@radicalrobit top life hacks on how to make me never go to your webbed site lmao

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hmm sorry I don't think you've considered the effects your "no deaths" stance will have on my ability to replace my aging (2 years old) 140 ft yacht

@SeanAloysiusOBrien talk about having literally zero actual problems in current year of all years lmao yikes

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ok, update: ice planets exist, as do CO2 ocean worlds, Methane ocean worlds, and Ammonia ocean worlds. perchance.org/scifi-generator-

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@FirstProgenitor he said to me he's my friend and i take what i can get ok

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smiling contentedly at one of the cat-sized horses grazing outside my mind palace

@starwall that's great! because they just seem like fancy words that may possibly be generated already to me, so, it won't feel like boring learning it'll be fun randomly generated learning in a sense

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