what i do online is for me, and the chinese communist party to know.

@Ophillous @Swiff @root I can't tell if you're gaslighting me or if you've genuinely lost your marbles or if you're just too deep into this bit to give it up now

@starwall @Ophillous so like you know how they explained fridge chips? imagine that but instead with the changes in bodily experiences as what the fridge is doing to the chips and the hair is the chips but it's not a preference it's just a similar train of thought, the outcomes unrelated but the method of travel similar.

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@root @Ophillous god i wish i had a bathtub that big, i'd never leave, that would be my home, the height of luxury, its bong functionality merely one additional feature in the perfect whole

@starwall @Ophillous it's like fridge chips but with humidity and sweat.

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@Ophillous ah thank fuck there's an almost decade old diagram for a tutorial

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@Ophillous OK so hmm like the main principle is just suction, but that also means you would need a relatively sealed flow from where you can suck to the bong bath water to the bowl and other than that it should work but just be sure to uh put like, a towel? at the bottom of the door so it stays contained and won't ruin the hotboxing and i can't see why it wouldn't work?? I never took herbology though so idk.

how am i supposed to live knowing i'll never experience Bear Comfort

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@Ophillous oh good you don't have me muted thank goodness you're just too popular is all. sorry back on topic, ok I'm on mission what materials do we have to work with i mean i think honestly the big issue is the required lung capacity? or maybe not? fuck maybe i don't know enough about bongs

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@Ophillous this is rare for me to acknowledge.

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@Ophillous imagining a duct taped trash bag around the tub's opening with a stabbed pipe through it with a massive sketchy bowl and then a hose or something. the more i think about it this sounds like such a bad idea like even considering it worked lmao

fishing can only lead to fish evolving revolting little mandible hands to simply remove the hook.

lewd pic, fewd pic, my new taco stand 

@yo i imagine a villain with many people positioned upside down to properly present the taco seat for use.

If I were a philosopher I would simply publish a book which resolved all philosophical problems and then retire

ah yes "followbot" from pleroma.hatthieves with a "follow us" header, of course i want you to follow me

pleased to announce I saw eleven shooting stars, one milky way and SEVERAL BATS 🦇😩🙌

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