it'd be really nice if you could skooma stacking glitch that oblivion showrunners use but irl. 5 stack cannabis doesn't do me like it used to even with breaks lmao

@red @byttyrs oh absolutely. it's weird as fuck to be a twee chibi running around placing statues of muscular behemoths

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i need to move them but i do really enjoy this formation.

i feel the phrase, "all vowels can be reduced to schwa" sounds so foreboding and i love it.

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@ben @root you are describing animal crossing: new horizons

human centipedes are simply tandem humans

i wish you could customize the pyramids to have the pretty limestone exterior they used to have before they were looted for their valuables. that'd be pretty rad.

hard drug joke 

i keep hearing cocaine is severely less addictive than sugar so it sounds like it's time to switch.

i finally got one omg lol ugh slime is no longer in a crisis thank heavens.

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like ive way over offered for them because i really need to catalogue one so i can buy like 50 but I'm still getting denied or ghosted lmao liiiike you're not gonna get 2+ expensive items from your wishlist that most people wouldn't offer 1 of in addition to extra tickets on top lmao grow up.

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getting a purple studio wall spotlight is harder than i figured it would be yikes

i love when my random visitors end up here. it can be very aesthetic. also helps that wisp seems to never want to spawn on the first level of land consistently. guess my graveyard being first level was a mistake lol

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