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nier automata fans only want one thing and its fucking disgusting.

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5.5 nier questline with frighteningly sympathetic dwarf that is exactly like me apparently. 

why does final fantasy want to call me out like this. what are you gaining from doing this to me yoshi and/or yoko taru?

@CyclopsCaveman oh, right, i forgot that science can just like, do that huh.

fuck yeah please do weed sucks to grow tbh lmfao

@CyclopsCaveman the kudzu would devour all of the cannabis' nutrients in order to establish dominance id imagine.

@alis oh that is big fair lmao i hate needing to just know all the tank busters as tank, rather heal through them personally lmao

@alis ya play warrior and you never even gotta worry about healers ;P

@alis my favorite wow healer was mistweaver if you couldnt tell

@alis personally ive always healed but i adore the longer gcds and the way healing is done so i can mostly be attacking tbh lol i love it so much. but anyone saying that is wrong needs to be wet willied.

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fucked up that yet another white man is forced to face oppression (consequences) for his actions (racist murder)

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fuck the pigs, all of them are bad and will be put to the sword one day

ffxiv nier raid minor spoiler mostly just talking about the lack of basic details for the main characters of the questline lol 

this is by far one of the best if not the best character from the nier raid series and we still don't know his fucking name.

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@CornishRepublicanArmy @myconidiosyncrasy it's only a pussy job if it's under capitalism, otherwise it's pussy labor

@FirstProgenitor for me it is doing that after forgetting about it for 30-75m and then i do this and then i devour it and then i wonder why i feel bad after that being all i ate for the day

was trying to take a pic of Goku Supersaiyan since his orange dogi 'fit was perfect.

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