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@byttyrs all you have to do to find the common kinks for any given era is look at their depictions of hell

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@skelltan lol nothing wild it is just usually my buns are lopsided and oblong shaped instead of in the center and nicely round lmao

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why do i get overly excited over literally every fishing minigame in any game? i don't even like fishing in real life, but it's fun to do virtually lmao

love that this hair bun that i did for sleeping is the best bun I've ever done lmao

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until pretty fucking recently, the same places that were banning gay men's blood from donation were also banning trans women's blood and the partners of trans women.

some of them want trans women's blood now, but are still imposing discriminatory measures against gay men's blood.

sorry. not fucking happening. you can have my blood donations if and when you lift the ban on gay men's blood entirely. no wait period is acceptable. fuck off

please game, let me have judy or raymond on one of these islands lmao

hello welcome to slime. im here with the local kaiju, they're girlfriends.

the animal crossing bunny day event feels like a twee, la croix-esque combination of midsommar and fnaf and im uncomfortably weary but in a like low stakes kind of way

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@root I literally grit my teeth every time they talk


i feel so mean not wanting to do the event because i dislike most the items and zipper's bombastic dialogue lol

@nutt @extinct lmao yeah that words my thoughts perfectly. even before considering the thought that the character was originally designed to be a minor, the whole game is just so cute, innocent, and pure childlike happiness that using it for lewd art feels wrong and inhuman lmao

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On the darkest possible night, under the clearest possible atmospheric conditions, the countless stars you can see in the night sky are only 0.000001% of the total number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.


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when we were young and we all used the family computer my sisters used to piss about with autocorrect on ms word and one of them made "bee" correct to "big beefy bumbly rumbler" and the other submitted homework with that on it without realising

@extinct ahh i can imagine, i DO know how quickly fanart comes out for stuff nowadays it's like five minutes so im absolutely terrified of imagining how rapidly the adult images have also spawned if i am now seeing full fan compositions of new characters in not even half an hour of being announced. i mean im too sucked in to stop playing long enough to do much but for those that can, i really appreciate art like timmy & tommy wrangling tarantulas. can we all stick with that beautiful chaos lol

@extinct @FirstProgenitor i guess we're looking at this from completely different viewpoints because im definitely not trying to argue at all, let alone for something that messed. im just trying to figure out more information as ive played since GC but didn't remember an age given anywhere. realize i should'nt have said anything, not the thread to do so. apologies.

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