Stanley parable secret spoilers 

@TheAmazingM that's hilarious about the jump lol i figured it didnt even work outside the jump circle

@TheAmazingM i love that the team had made the hole descending with the music but then davey was like, "gosh that's cool but where the fuck do we go from there? what happens next?" and it was just like that for months until he was doing a lot of edibles on a plane

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@root God this is such a specific bit but it lands so good if you get it

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can we get some DanceFrogs in the chat?

vrchat is basically stanley parable: ultra deluxe but just the hole

fun ways i have accidentally created easy ways to mess with me in the morning is buying milk for cereal branded as "NOT MILK" and creamer for coffee branded as "Oatmilk". very good.

i have eaten cereal with creamer for this reason.

adhd, gayming 

i want elden ring DLC so i can go back to it with a new pvp meta lol my adhd got tired of trying to get better at poking and developing hitlag and ghost hit foresight so it decided to go back to trying to not suck at all 14 monhun weapons across multiple monhuns. it helps that i found a program that works with steam and tricks the games into thinking you have all the DLC, though, so i can just have the base game without needing to spend another 10-100 dollars on random bullshit lol

cw selfie ec, I'm super happy because 

@meave hell yeah! i definitely think that was my favorite piercing maybe even over my ears lol i hope you have long time good brain chemicals from it

poogie is the one name in games i cant customize. it's just poogie and it's a good name

that said the weird necromancer tree is a cool boss to have in monster hunter since there's no humanoid monsters like that. and i like the detail that went into making side quests and junk work in the monster hunter quest formula with dialogue options. but also would hate it if it was more than just this quest lol

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love that the with the crossover promo quests for monster hunter world they add in UI flavor from the game like duty commenced and the damage font from ffxiv. that said, i never have and never will play the Witcher, but the promo quest for it made me laugh since it made me realize the Witcher 3 UI font is a really basic san serif font so it just looks like the quest designer forgor to install some like fantasy style font and caused it to just default to helvetica. looks extremely out of place.

the meta for the heavy bowgun in monster hunter world is legit putting a scope on your gun and using shotgun spread ammunition so you have to quickscope right next to the monster to avoid staying zoomed in on its head or ass and actually see what's going on and holy shit this is just so ridiculously hard to get used to but also hilarious

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I love Jurassic Park. Classic movie. But I'm supposed to be impressed by a velociraptor opening a door? I learned to do that shit when I was 3 years old

@goat maxed out gender identity, body type, and ability

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@JigmeDatse i mean of course yeah, i just didn't know if it had been down, for how long, why, or anything else because there was zero info on any area focusing on info about the software lol so me coming in trying to use it at the exact wrong time with no info or details on the error was very weird to me and so i was asking if anyone used it and if it was still active. that's all lol.

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@gonzo my father took this eiffel 65 CD from me because in his head i listened to it so much which caused my reclusive and melancholy behavior.

90s and early 2000s ways of solving mental illness i still find hilarious

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