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love to give the son clover and other foliage clippings from the swampy lake environment.

she's having fun learning she can safely people watching from the car

i was apprehensive about getting into raising giant spiders as livestock, but Claire made me change my mind.

toast is so camera shy she keeps turning away when i try to get her attention.

toast's chosen chill zone, behind a box on plastic

everytime i see him, I'm always amazed by this absolute tank of a cat. he's got the body of a hardy daikon radish. he's just built different.

the baby do important grass researches and air condition tests and she's going to be so mad at me when we leave later today

guard cat want to look at trucks and growl at any moving thing more than 20 polygons like humans and other animals

packaged food at store 

yoooo they made the cookies from the jerma985 dollhouse into a real thing!

the baby sleep on me for comfort in car

otherwise she scream

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