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food at a store 

h-hewwo i am but a simple serf from outside the kingdom and i am being assailed by demonic spectres of the frozen realm enticing me with their declarations of "PIZZA MEALS"

the first feedback has finally come in for the dollhouse stream prop sales ebay account

listen... just because i wanted to look at every single listing doesn't mean i was shopping...i just wanted to take it all in

but also thank you, i wanted to see if any of them got ridiculously higher bids and laugh if they did. if not, i'd just laugh at the beer hat being over $2k i just hope they were legit bids and not just jokes or whatever idk if you can still do that or not on ebay lol

lmao the reason i found this was due to trying out osrs, and looking up where i can get a fly fishing rod, and the funny thing is, it's a 2 frame animation. also not entirely sure if it makes any real sense for fly fishing? kinda just makes it look like you are air drumming like many kids do in class or whatever.

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when you get to the Large Extremely Dangerous | Giant Skills side of youtube you find the people just in their zone, edging at the thought of dangerous woodworking and metalworking machinery.

wow i just realized why jerma's greedy grinner looked so fucking familiar the first time i saw it fuck

i love this anti-piracy message and how little it must have made sense to like 99% of people that encountered it. it's so perfect.

doing important science. someday ill figure the things out. for science.

thanks terry, this is a wonderfully unflattering double-crested cormorant photograph, i love it.

learning about the absolutely mythic cormorant fishers. this is breathtakingly rad.

a crime that this wasn't in pokemon with cramorant like what lol they made the bird!

something to definitely put on my list of maybes lol

"alright cool i did X, Y, and Z, i can work on A and maybe B tomorrow, sounds good."

me opening up the project the next day a few minutes before starting over:

jerma doing one of his favorite activities, taking you to a fancy restaurant, excusing himself after ordering the most expensive steak and drink on the menu to use the restroom, and then angrily throwing up a sheet up paper that says something to the effect of, "hope you have enough money for that, loser LOL"

cw: stern eye contact with a poor photoshop filter over it

cant seem to get my texture to properly upload on this webbed site, but it is still pretty entertaining to see these animations on this character lmao

oh yeah, temtem is a game that everyone got all excited for and then immediately forgot about. i wonder if it's good now or they have done anything that flew under the rada-ah i see.

no idea what i'm doing but that lil fella sure is goin'

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.