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i will simply wait here patiently (impatiently) for stethacanthus.

just have Stethacanthus to go and it is literally the only big fish i have royally fucked up the sculptor window for so many times that i have never even gotten to attempt him once yet lmao. i hope i can do it right for once soon.

thought there mighta been something wrong with this guy, nah, he is just laying sprawled out on top of a bunch of fatty seeds that had fallen from the bird feeder and eating them and tossin debris away without movin'. i think this is peak evolution for squirrels. they are so close to insulting people on the street, or something.

i am now obsessed with gpose so every silly thing i will now use as an excuse for gpose.

i caught the elusive ruby dragon and i am almost a grandmaster caster :o

so there's this weird ass necro alien plant in my front yard surrounded in mushy ground since we moved in with moldy clothes around it, and even removing the dead debris and moldy clothes from it, it is still surrounded by mush and i was trying to remove the dead bits from the plant itself when, to my horror, i learned the dead bits were not dead off shoots of the plant or anything, but a strange and gooey egg like structure for new growth held together with spider silk like strands.

haha what

wanted to try out the whole 1-shotting extreme primals and wow that is a lot of fun lmao

ended up getting the falcon ignition key after the earring since it was from a stormblood launch event only so far and lmao i feel like im in a jimmy neutron adventure now, perfect for going to the haunted moon.

toast has never felt better living here instead of the desert i think. she always demands floor salad. often too much. also never really realized until recently she's medium hair lmao, way fluffier than i realized.. especially when she slips through my patio barriers when she wants more floor salad.

idk if ive posted much screens but here is my character, it is clearly me but with a cat tail and cat ears.

i am lava lamp@goblin (add me if you on crystal btw :u )

living for the new picrew Morgan shared

Picrewの「AmphyPop Doll Maker」でつくったよ!

toast is too uncoordinated to ever reach a bird in her life and never has gotten within 15 feet of one but since we've moved she's contended herself sampling all the grasses and she must do it as much as possible.

uncanny valley clay figure reconstruction of unidentified victim from like a million years ago 

facial reconstruction is my passion.


as someone that hates stocks, this is so funny to me.

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