gonn just start taking memes i like and repost them here so i can find them again in the future when i want to show people since the only social stuff i use other than the fedi is several dozen open invite discord servers.

i am adding accessibility to these memes because i caption them. this justifies it and no one can tell me otherwise. :3c

FFXIV warrior lvl50 quest dialogue (slight spoilers for that, although it is just a metaphor your mentor is saying to commemorate your ability) 

i found this very entertaining since i wasnt expecting him to drop a lava reference. guess warrior is the tank i gotta play now B)

level 54 DRK quest screenshot 

tell me tell me tell me!

roegadyn in mario outfit trying to segue the conversation about among us porn into watching the imposter is sus guy at twitch.tv/jerma985 named Absolute Chad

5.5 nier questline with frighteningly sympathetic dwarf that is exactly like me apparently. 

why does final fantasy want to call me out like this. what are you gaining from doing this to me yoshi and/or yoko taru?

ffxiv nier raid minor spoiler mostly just talking about the lack of basic details for the main characters of the questline lol 

this is by far one of the best if not the best character from the nier raid series and we still don't know his fucking name.

maybe it's time i just start pinning memes i really like instead of things me and my loved ones have made that i really like.

people named executioner smough and captain ornstein are in goblin limsa

"waaah there's no textures"

not anyone's fault but your own if your graphics are low and you wanna see the textures clearly, imo.

image is of the raid environment near the end, no characters but my own but just in case you wanna wait on seeing what it looks like.

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i went for a last try before maintenance for the stonescale fucker and i ended up getting him i was shaking i was so worried i would frick something up when i realized my bite was taking forever lmao im stoked to have gotten it before the ocean fishing buffs lmao but im also hella excited for those buffs.. just 4 more blue fish and then whatever new fish come in the patch at 3am :o

strange to say my new doctor's office is totally my vibe but it is.

finally bothered to actually bind my reshade screenshot key lol, screenshots actually look like how i see them now instead of washed out lol. still need to mess a lot more with all of it.. i finally arrived at taking screenshots (savage). maybe someday people will want to pay me gil to screenshot them like the cool kids in limsa lmao

time to spam the timeline with my small house because i spent too long glitching it not to share it.

squidward's bloodshot eyes from spongebob squarepants you know, the meme one. 

i need 5.5 so badly so im looking like squidward for less time than for 17 hours straight+ for some of these downtime windows for these fish. please im going hog wild and not in the good way.

"but what do you mean, elle?"

i think the first mod i saw on the page can explain that perfectly

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i think i finally landed on a race & customization i really love lmao. i didnt realize that raen au ra got so much pastel.. i did xaela multiple times and got annoyed with the blueblack scales clashing with my colors and for some reason didnt bother trying raen... but it turns out the raen scales and available colors on creation are way more my vibe so now i am lava lamp the pastel succubus, normally.

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