thank for voting earlier! im wanna talk about snorter art i did lmao. it is haunter and snorlax combined. a v good silly bb and i'd imagine it's a more weird helping pokemon like chansey and less sinister like haunter but still likes to play wholesome pranks. kinda got the cat thing goin' on where you wanna watch out for the claws lmao maybe they retract but those things are big. it maintains levitation by the lighter than air gas it produces and is filled with.

selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact 

eye contact, selfie 

job application, cursed 

job application, cursed 

candelabra, eye contact 

back to pokefusions. i wonder if i've lost followers for this yet. please look at my new daughter snorter. i need to definitely draw more of her.

lewd poke,mon... it's 4am... instead im giving you this 

restaurant, lasers? 

directed at the name ivy, not a subtoot, just pokefusion joke 

i dont care what anyone says i will protect oddactyl with my life holy frick look at this thing it's adorable lmao

look i dont FEAR bras okay?? they are just uncomfortable!

death, body horror 

helldude? sorry but that's so 2000 and late. it's all about the shelldude now.

still posting about pokefusion stuff 

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