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eye contact, nipple contact if nipples were able to stare at you wait now i want eyeball piercings Show more

hey uhh anyone know constable-frozen on tumblr because their content is uhh like quality and they should come here lmao

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went to a rad, mostly punk 'pop n swap' thing at a salon in an old train station amnd got some cheap rad punk art!... and an ancient Mario shirt lol

hover over images for the source and where to find the artist when relevant! believe they all have at least insta

here's a shaky gif close-up of the person in the eye of the resin beholder! sorry for the delay was reducing the size lol 👁️

downsizing me tongue piercing so i have slightly less a lisp but i still def have a thotful lisp.

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.