wild razor scooters roam free here. nature is healing.

wow this airplane knows all the Christmas movies that i enjoy.

baby is watching the plane be boarded. she had to be held during the security scan and she was so good. or in shock I'm not positive.

i just come into the room and sit down and she puts her paw up gingerly as if to ask permission and then gets into my lap due to having a soft fleece-like blanket on it, her favorite texture. she knows something is up but so long as she gets reassured she is generally all good lol. well until the car.. poor bb gets stressed and pants.

i want to know why the great serpent of ronka looks like an angy bumblebee sausage. not because i dont like it, but because i want to be more like them.

idk why beavers in xiv look like large sabre toothed hamsters but it's good and i have been meaning to share their goodness with people that don't know of it.

toast on bread across the waters may be a delightful snack but over here it's just my cat sleeping on her pillow

toast has recently really enjoyed preventing us from moving for long periods of time by quickly applying herself to either of our open laps whenever possible and who can blame her when it's so successful.

warframe, decade old it's always sunny joke 

I come out, I throw trash all over the-all over the ring, and then, I start eatin' garbage!

trying to play warframe on ubuntu, 36 hours later. lmao

hey hey if you enjoy indie comics especially detailed soft lesbian ones with beach theming you should support my girlfriend's attempts to do another run of her 36 page one-shot sunshowers. >$15 gets you a physical copy too!



me: goes here

also me: woah look at this rock! this is what the people ACTUALLY need to see.

made a salamander friend.. very good and chill and slimy. enjoys being under the patio.

i wanted to make a joke about this using pat's automated message format but honestly i think the raw text itself is (depressingly) funny enough


this is what i like to call, depressingly hilarious.

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