this card is illegal exclusively because it has the power to take the loser's soul.

seating 6 raccoons and then dumping a bag of dry cat food on the table

i have banished the bad thoughts i was having with this demon maker thanks to @Sorl for sharing it >:3c

i like weird things in games that happen over time unintentionally like how a thing that was bad when it came out became highly valued later on like the yu-gi-oh card, solemn judgement. it used to be really bad because there were no card effects yet that were dangerous enough that paying half your life to destroy it would be worth it. but now that games are much faster and so many cards can completely end the game, only half your life is suddenly a lot better than all of it.

learning how to do science.

image is crouched man looking at camera with a beaker of beans. seems safe to mark it as sensitive.

having chanterelle mushrooms in the front yard is pretty neat, not used to that. will need to look up recipes now

at the credits for hiveswap part 2 i simply close my eyes out of respect for dril's real identity, not unlike that one scene in spiderman 2.

hobby tools as weapons 

an old toothbrush!

i mean maybe it'll gross them out if it looks gross or anything? or maybe! what you should all do really quickly is go get your old toothbrush you use for hobby painting/detail work/cleaning the toilet/sink/wherever and then sharpen the other end!

so like, normal old toothbrush would probs be a 1.7/5

sharpened end? 4/5.. which may sound high byut it's like a shank + grossout factor, which is potential poison damage either physical or mental/psychic.

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hobby tools as weapons 

decided i wanted to review Tupperware since it's everywhere, even outside on the floor, but researching data on any tupperware murders only pollutes results with people storing murder victims within tupperware as well as far too many movies/television episodes resulting in tupperware and death/massacre being hand in hand, but usually the tupperware after the murder instead of for the murder.

so.. just gonna go with 0/5 for defending yourself, and... like 2/5 for murderers?

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hobby tools as weapons 

well duh elle, it's a fuckin' knife. those are already used in combat actively. so what if you don't have access to sharp objects for a hobby and/or kitchen? now we can start to see some others that are not in a super specific order but definitely not as effective as knife.

painting easel! so then.. lots here, but metal or wood, it'll pack a wallop if used as a bat, usually folded up for ease of use but im sure you could do some weird wwe shit with it unfolded.

probs 4/5

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hobby tools as weapons 

any cutting tool will work well. i think you can probably imagine why. the interesting thing is regarding what type of hobby cutting tool you have available. unless you have a massive hobby saw (pictured top) on you, you might be better off grabbing a knife from the kitchen. cooking is also a hobby right? get that knife. or just keep it on you like in a little kitchen butcher knife holster. maybe i've been playing too much final fantasy xiv.

4.5/5 maybe on this scale.

got this last night and then kinda was shocked and then fell asleep but i am big fish now this egg is so slippery lol

"nobody has eaten the mona lisa and we feel jeff bezos needs to take a stand and make this happen."

robot fish needs maintenance and that is why i am forced to miss its window during maintenance. curse you automaton..

at least i got lancetfish so my 5 hours of /waterfloat wasn't for nothing.

i saw this and felt it would be namely of interest to @FirstProgenitor at the very least.

5.55 spoilers, linkshell call from smol, mostly posting for my very me irl face. 

you had me at "less-than-happy" krile, don't worry.

5.55 ending scene heavy foresadowing imagery for 6.0 

this is some EXTREMELY anime foreshadowing and im here for it.

5.55 Leveilleur family spoilers main story quest two 

superior being g'raha once again dropping the facts.

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here's me and my friend in my aquarium before i started remodeling it right before maintenance lol. going to try reorganizing it for better viewability and such.

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