toast says: play animal cross with only your left hand fool

it took a good amount of gold (10) but dang if those golden seats aren't aesthetic

so i know this may be something many people would never do, but turnips make for amazing remodeling tools for mass moving trees / breaking rocks

demolished more of what ive created than what stands still but i think it's in a good state to grow from now lol. learned a lot, the fact that long ponds are rivers and they don't need to connect to the sea is blowing my mind and making me change how i thought animal crossing worked with how all the maps prior have been lmao

finally get to start working on my fishing galley! having a lot of fun despite having so many regrets with how hard i went on beautifying my stock island to now just slowly demolish the millions of bells worth of infrastructure lmao

hello welcome to slime. im here with the local kaiju, they're girlfriends.

people ask me why ankha is my fave and this screenshot from after our first interaction in new horizons i think pretty neatly sums it up.

naruto running has evolved onto a group sport on the plaza.

a fun demonstration of the chase AI of the tarantulas. i really hope i can eventually test this with other chasing insects in tandem as well to see if wasps also stay still or if they follow a separate chase command.

please enjoy my pan flute solo over the 5 o'clock music.

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.