i honestly don't understand the point of this. if you want to do this just play offline, you obviously don't need online help lol

fortunately it isn't very common, so that's nice. but i just really don't get the desire for this. the game is about overcoming a challenge and rise is already so power crept over past games, so why do this lol

here's hoping it doesn't end up increasing in G rank with Sunbreak.

eye contact, me and my partner 

going to the Renaissance festival and hopefully surviving, we shall see if this enjoyment is worth it :thinkergunsunglasses:

i forgot to share this when i was shown it last month but it's just so well done

it's like im being granted divine intervention trying to prevent me from being peeved with yet another game within this horrendous and flawed genre of battle royale.

i can't believe Capcom not only deprived the west of the masterpiece of weapon design that is the accel axe but also the perfection of aesthetic that is the Kitty Deco Axe.

but maybe the most entertaining of all this is that it's a weapon that was exclusively designed for the way mobile experience of Monster Hunter worked, Monster Hunter Explore.

tch! oh no... g-guys watch out! it's the shitpost demons! run!

it took us 40 volumes but we have finally reached dream-state dog armor

saw the character details page on raksas in chaper 350 and brain rot made me do it.

berserk, fantasia arc start is funny 

like lmao

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reference in elden ring guaranteed, berserk chapter 297 page 

frenzy flame is a reference to Shiva from berserk clear as day lmao

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smug miyazaki indirect eye contact 

"please poise break!" i see people plead as they fight crucible knights as i continue to stare with the exact face as miyazaki does

behold, gorgeous view!

my poor computer hates mt gelmir so much lmao

just hanging out with this dog i found in the volcano manor. he cute but he bite.

food, cake mix 

i keep saying dolly parton's southern style banana and leaving out the tiny text of, "flavored cake mix" because it's obviously better that way.

i have upgraded my fashion to 11. i am beyond thrilled, t-pose for scale.

elden ring, side area castle mourne story spoiler 

thank marika's tits i examined to make sure.

i love when you shake treats and your cat who was sleeping looks up like the lenny waking up meme

media is the meme if you forgor or wanted a reminder

here's a quick video showing the difference of doing it normally to skip the preparation animation prior to the cast, and then the running version which just skips the animation entirely lol suddenly it's time to play the floor is lava.

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