friends were talking about weighted blankets and then i had the goofy idea of a weighted furby because of my ever present furby curse now and then cesya had the idea to do a quick comic of the supposed weak character taking off a weighted long furby like rock lee did with his weights to reach full power.

she is (mostly!) finished! haha. i just need to finish an egg cover for the battery pack that I'm happy with and probs condense the polyfill lmao she's a bit chonky

baby WOULD see all if she had her pupils and irises installed lmao but she's at least got her egg pouch complete!

her power egg just needs a tum pouch now that it's properly rigged with the wiring sewn through the fabric and we can get started on her long body finally i think lol


food but inedible probably 

im laughing a lot and im proud of myself for the first time ever sewing more than a repair stitch lmao

i uh accidentally made a darth Vader helmet i think. but i did this to make sure the ears are restricted and polyfill can't get out the ear openings lol

made an egg cover for the battery pack and also took off the old wire from the negative wire as i realized it was just held together with old glue and it was losing its connection so i took that off and re-sautered it closer to the resistor like i did for the positive wire and it shouldn't have any further issues lol

well im making a custom scent to make this piece of felt smell like rain to place underneath her tum and now mny entire apartment smells lovely.

finally got the direct battery hooked up so i can activate her powers at any time when she's complete. also used some garbage to protect the motor when she's stuffed lol

she's gotta get her rest for her big surgery coming up...

despite all my luster, I'm still a baby in a dumpster

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