toast is too uncoordinated to ever reach a bird in her life and never has gotten within 15 feet of one but since we've moved she's contended herself sampling all the grasses and she must do it as much as possible.

uncanny valley clay figure reconstruction of unidentified victim from like a million years ago 

facial reconstruction is my passion.


as someone that hates stocks, this is so funny to me.

what, don't wanna bring your clown boyfriend to see your unborn child's genitals?

i can't think of a better way to attend personally.

ffxiv praetorium screenshot 

i adore how lalas frown. and this angle only makes it funnier. please do not make the baby angy. she has a 1 handed sword the size of her body.

eye contact, picrew made me want to take a slightly unkempt selfie lmao 

first selfie I've posted in like decades lol

lmao so glad i can have my color hair, my glasses, and real tongue in this picrew fuck yeah

Hildibrand Questline FFXIV screenshots 

the hildy questline is magical and i love all of it so much. i was laughing too hard at Godbert (the altruistic yet capitalistic owner of the Golden Saucer Casino) chasing Hildibrand (his son) in his underwear when he first saw him again when he thought he was dead after falling from the fucking sky during the calamity.

all product reviews: amazing product piece quality!!

product: i am particle board trash


as someone that has never been to the uk, i understand this as a normal every day interaction in the uk.

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