legitimately the first information gathering survey I've ever seen that properly doesn't trans and cis as two different genders lmao. thanks, skate. yes the bar is lower than the ground, but still, thanks.

that said, i want to say they aren't saying fluid and non-biney are the same and just placing them in the same category as not the gender binary or not, but not 100% on that of course. baby steps i guess lol.

this meh website doesnt have all pokemon smile portraits and i was too lazy to add gen II smile images to the card. not to edit the hair, but yes to editing the pokemon. it's ok, these are fine. exeggcute and rattata are good still. they can stay and not be gen II mons.

ah, it's 6pm EST. time for a nice glass of junji ito logan paul reference.

all i could think of seeing the 99 year old lady's dying wish for a giant dick on her gravestone

i want to say the only nsfw artist that i can think of off the top of my head is @extinct so i have to know if this has happened to you yet

this is just when gays use each other's clothes out of their shared closet.

finally did enough afflicted monsters to unlock the antique machina tree and holy fuck hunting horn's is a giant, metallic green trumpet im so happy lmao

no one looks like this. who's hot grandpa is this??

first sunbreak mission cutscene 

ah i see, interesting, hot, royal mommy

*furiously takes notes*

god my friend hel is so fuckin' funny and also nice lol

every time i see petbots, i want to shop at petbots. but i don't think pets are a feature in this game lol

really don't know how they did this, the depth is really fantastic lol it feels like there's so much stuff on every tier of the world.

also there's ATMs that don't do anything but go blip blop when you interact with them and you can spam it as much as you want.

really just blown area with how amazing everything looks. and the explosions are wild lol

pre-sunbreak it would only compile shaders for a millennia once per update, now it's every time i launch the game seeing if my fiddling with the files did anything to break denuvo detection lol. very annoying.

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