why are bathrooms in dreams always like open concept with half a door or some other non existent privacy aspect

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@lyds feels like one of the few that every one has

@root shoutout to the dream bathrooms that are just like, a toilet in the middle of a park

@root A popular bar/venue where I grew up had a uniquely fucked-up bathroom. One non-locking main door, like you'd get in a multi-stall situation, but inside was a urinal and a single stall toilet with no door.

One night at a show, a friend of mine got diarrhea and elected to barricade the door with the trash can so he could handle his crisis alone. This move was not well-received by the other patrons.

@root a recurring setting for me is the changing rooms/bathrooms at a local public swimming pool but in the dream logic they're twisting and winding and it's super easy to wander into the wrong one haha surely that's not based on anxiety about anything in particular

@PhoebeWallerPalladino oh nah it's probably nothing just your brain being silly!

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