i want to say the only nsfw artist that i can think of off the top of my head is @extinct so i have to know if this has happened to you yet

@fluxom_alt it totally escaped my mind that you did nsfw stuff too, but i shouldnt be surprised that this has happened to you already with all the wild stuff i've seen you sketch lmao

@root @extinct i technically count and yes it has

no i didnt follow thru, because im a coward (and they weren't paying me)

@dialupdoll @extinct i mean hell i dont think you're a coward for not doing unpaid work, especially something that would take that much creative power to do lmao

@root @extinct you make a good point, i was just very weirded out and scared by the interaction lmao

@root me? no, not yet. i've had people ask for some pretty fetishy stuff but nothing on this level so far

i'd do it tho as long as the money is good

@extinct yeah totally understandable, i worry that people asking for this kinda shit definitely don't have the money to pay for the ingenuity of a person looking like a gun would require though lmao

except for whomever did the drawing in the op. whomever is doing this for free needs to stop lol

@root problem is the thing that person did for clout doesn't even look like a gun

just looks like an anime cyber nun

@extinct i can see what they were going for though, with the geometric cloth shapes trying to emulate the barrel and cylinder, but yeah you are very right lol it's not quite there. i overall never really understand art for clout, but maybe that's because i never do art for clout lmao

@root i'll occasionally whip up a quick doodle to jump on a trending tag, like i did for the METsonas one year, but yeah, beyond that, my time is too valuable for that

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