i love that turok just adds a bunch of wild shit at the end of the game that has absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs and is exclusively just to raise the stakes because they felt that the dinosaurs weren't intense enough themselves or something

@root that's the problem with starting big, there's no where to go when you ramp up!

@Garrison they could've always had a bigger dinosaur, or more of them, or gone the jurrasic park route like, oh no they'll escape the turok island

@root i was gonna say i'm surprised there haven't been dinosaurs in grand theft auto yet, but that sounds more like a saints' row idea

@Garrison speaking of, im so annoyed they decided to reboot the series so they could go back to being serious instead of silly lol

@root lol that sounds like a poor decision. games are too serious these days overall tbh

@Garrison yeah no kidding! why not reboot it to make it so that it's the like universe rebooted homestuck style from johnny gat and gang? i dont get it. they decided to go with a grungy southern serious gang game instead

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