really funny to me that outriders have so many complaints that are the exact same issue i have with borderlands and even more so with tiny tina's wonderlands and yet for some reason tiny tina's doesn't face any of these same criticisms. why the fuck is this? is it just a barrage of fanboys flooding reviews or something? it's wild to me lol

"i will 100% pay $60 for an expansion to 10+ year old borderlands 2 dlc, but $40 for a new IP? fuck you i will cut off your dick"

i think people just really really hate square but want to fuck gearbox romantically

like the funniest part to me is that tiny tina's doesnt have a demo anywhere. there's not even a crack out for it yet, but outriders has a pretty big demo you can try to see if the game is for you. if you are gonna complain about looter shooter elements or the fact it costs money, simply don't buy or play it, it's really simple.

basically what I'm saying is i want gamers to be my pallbearers when i die so they can let me down one last time

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