imo, it says a lot when i can avoid shitheads on the fediverse 1000x easier than on something like twitter. which is trying to both keep the shitheads engaged to make money and also introduce me to as many of them as possible in order to keep my engagement up as well.

my blocklist on here may be a good handful of domains, but a lot of them got shut down by the hosts or abandoned and i never had to deal with any after a block rec for the whole domain and i have seen next to no creepy reply guys my entire time here. while on twitter, something i used about 1% the time of how long ive used this, has a blocklist in the literal thousands and i still saw new fucks every day trying to argue with me about everything.

@root yeah, this is honestly the best thing about this place! I can avoid seeing shit for the most part. I like this website, I just wish website boy weren't such a fuckhead


@smelley yeah, it's fortunate that it works with forks and other federation software so that potentially people can vastly stem away from the mastodon software, the only issue is the pain of setup lol. like i still use mastodon just because setting it up myself was a pita and i just pay hugo a monthly fee to be on his network of servers and that's legit cheaper than renting my own space to setup a different fedi software which is lame.

@root plus without mastodon, we wouldn't have med :blobcat_pleading:

@smelley yeah it's so difficult to actually find cool people on other social medias whilst on here ive made a ton of like-minded rad people really quickly lol

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