mainly very into their leggies. ideal, feetless leggies. that can also jab someone real good if necessary.

@ben was the reason i returned to the game when she was released, since trinity had fallen out of favor and i had gotten tired of her lobster tail. i was excited to try a new support frame that floated sans feet.

@ben ok so which is feet or is this entire thing a feet lol if the long scyther pincers its 4 insectoid arms and then it has those 2 blubbery leggies with no feet? if that's the case, yes, good, if whole thing is a foot, probably bad, scary.

@root the model comes with 2 blubbery leggies, 2 interchangeable bodies, optional bones, and 3 versions of each claw

@root it also has facial animation which makes no sense because there's definitely no face in there


@ben i kind of assumed where its head was, but yeah i figured it had kind of evolved past needing such primitive features, or something.

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