anyone ever use PostgreSQL? if so, why does it hate functioning and why is there like no documentation for something trying to be so important for database management? i am so confused lol

like it's not even about using the software, shit crashes on download due to an unhandled exception like how and why do you not have any mirrors lmao

@root I've been using PostgreSQL as my preferred database (for most uses, where I can make that choice) for several years now. Not sure what issues you're having, because for the most part... I've not had any notable issues.

@JigmeDatse that's great to hear! i must have just tried to use it at a bad time lol. fortunately, it seems to be back up now! so that's great, and faster than i expected. used to these kinds of issues regarding updates taking way longer to resolve. im glad that should be my only issue lol i was just so confused how no one else said anything about it, but it must've only been occuring for a short period.

@root Most systems will have some downtime, whether planned or not planned. Wasn't quite sure what you were trying, and what wasn't working. But... It sounds like it's sorted now.

@JigmeDatse i mean of course yeah, i just didn't know if it had been down, for how long, why, or anything else because there was zero info on any area focusing on info about the software lol so me coming in trying to use it at the exact wrong time with no info or details on the error was very weird to me and so i was asking if anyone used it and if it was still active. that's all lol.

@root Yeah, it's really hard when you can't really even get any kind of status beyond your own experience.

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