@goat the second i foujnd out that mtg rules have BOTH decimals AND letters for additional sub-rules and the rules themselves go into the HUNDREDS i realized it wasnt for me.

@root @goat you have to have a specific kind of mental illness like i do to be like "hell yeah" upon reading this toot

@georgespolitzer @root @goat it's worth noting that the mtg rulebook has a warning telling you not to read it

@georgespolitzer @root see the thing is I read the entire Mage: The Ascension rulebook happily

@goat @root i am SO stoked for deviant: the renegade and wish i had a group

@georgespolitzer @root I have some irl's who wanna play it but we currently have like, 4 RPGs running at once, and like 8 more planned and ready to go once these finish

@georgespolitzer @goat it's been 13 years and i still laugh way too loud at magic salad from mega64's magic skit.

@root @goat Magic's the only game I know where the official policy is "if you aren't somewhere that has trained judges, who cares if you get the rules wrong? Agree how you think it works at the table and carry on."

@swift @goat oh yeah i forgot their judges have uniforms! it's so cute, and like levels! that's wild. i hope they get paid lmao like the more you know those hundreds on hundreds of rules the better a judge you are and the higher level or whatevs i love it.

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