the frogs are all talking at 2am. they have things to do and say. there's a whole community out here around me.

and also one dog that is REALLY pissed. for like 30 minutes. get it together, man.


oh no i barked back and it just made them all be quiet for a bit. my bark was sus.

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@somarasu i was just like, how often does this happen here?? how could they tell! where i used to live all those overheated Arizona dogs would bark back at me immediately! i thought i was an easy ace over here and i get the awkward silence immediately? yeesh!

@root hey maybe it's just a tough crowd. Might just be one of those nights

@somarasu lmao I'm here all month so, one of these days! at least the crickets are consistent. much nicer outside, they need the ambiance to really fill out that chirp into a lovely resonance. just because they're easy to please doesn't mean they're bad guys!

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