the baby do important grass researches and air condition tests and she's going to be so mad at me when we leave later today

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she also has a plan whenever she thinks I'm gonna pick her up, which is she makes sure she lays as flat as she can as to try to be harder to pick up and then complain when i succeed to pick her up but then also does not do anything but complain, she doesn't wiggle or attack me.

@healyn you're right and you should say it, toast definitely says it. but she also loves getting into places she definitely shouldn't and id really prefer she never has to learn the lesson, 'fuck around and find out' if she gets into a possum/raccoon home or a snake hole. not only would that suck ass for everyone, i have a hard time believing she'd take the right lesson to heart. i feel she'd more find herself believing, "alright my instincts told me i was dying and i lived im fuckin invincible"

@root she's planning to publish in the Journal of Interesting Smells, please don't disrupt her research

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