listen... just because i wanted to look at every single listing doesn't mean i was shopping...i just wanted to take it all in

but also thank you, i wanted to see if any of them got ridiculously higher bids and laugh if they did. if not, i'd just laugh at the beer hat being over $2k i just hope they were legit bids and not just jokes or whatever idk if you can still do that or not on ebay lol

i suppose any other moneybags are holding their bid till the last hour or so, but im not sure if the funnier part at this point is the fact that the beer helmet worn by jeremy almost immediately hit 76 bids stopping at 2025 with still 22h left, or the fact that literally all the related items are autographed photographs of near naked celebs like anne hathaway and cindy crawford. like they couldnt have put other show props??

overall very funny.

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