i love this anti-piracy message and how little it must have made sense to like 99% of people that encountered it. it's so perfect.

@SyrupSlushie i dont think it's even possible to have a reaction other than some combination of "what?" and "thanks??" no matter if you understand it or not. it just keeps making me laugh for some reason

@root its just such a weird thing to say with a cowboy accent and seeing that face looking back at you. Also they tried to throw a bit of snark in it, which is just so absurd that I love it!!

@webweaver @SyrupSlushie i love that i can hear harrison saying this in an extremely lossy sound file

@webweaver @root ohhhh its Indiana Jones! He's kind of a cowboy, right?

@SyrupSlushie @root and the revolver... and the whip... wait, wtf kind of archeologist is he? clearly a cowboy cosplayer.

@webweaver @SyrupSlushie yeah come to think of it he's more of like a museum bounty hunter? like a bounty hunter enlisted by a museum or a museum conglomerate.

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