doing important science. someday ill figure the things out. for science.

im so close to fully understanding so many primary aspects of how stuff works, i can taste it lol i just need to do a bit more testing and eventually ill finally figure out something more interesting than very basic kinematics and cameras

@smelley they love you too so long as you dont want them to do literally anything more intense than fishing with their psychic powers, but if you do they love you forever and will always be chill and that is where i will exist forever once i get this setup lmao

@smelley i honestly think getting the initial framework of this and getting to a point where i fully understand the code and be able to add things i want to rather than need to in order to make a functional game will be by far the hardest part lol but once i can do that i can start a youtube devlog or some shit since most of the development at that point, once i finally get there, will be art which is visual and also the only thing i can sorta competently do in the game dev realm lmao

@root I believe in u!!! Pls send me ur youtube when you start so I can follow your progress!!!

@smelley hehe will do! hopefully i can get this figured out sooner rather than later, i like to think im a fast learner, so long as i can find the proper resources in a timely fashion lol but overall i forgot that learning new things actually like, makes the serotonin happen and i never even realized that was a thing until i realized that when learning something i actually cared about in a relaxed environment without other stresses lmao

@root I bet you're really fast at learning and it's gonna be a fun game <3

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