so sea of thieves added fishing and no one told me which i feel a little miffed about since it's pretty enjoyable, especially with how pretty the ocean and sky are in this goofy game, but also they still havent added the lil glasses that the merchant ladies have to the eyepatch slot yet so that makes me a lil sad since that would really help obfuscate some of my weird as hell face and also relate more to me irl lmao

@root I bought sea of thieves a while back because it looks fun but it needs a Microsoft account to play so I have never started a game.

@webweaver oh no! i think i used my ancient account from forever ago and redid the info on it or i made a new one through google because i still have a gmail lmao. but yeah it's really weird to use without the steam overlay i feel like and the friend joining it has, it's a lot more.. weird and clunky lol

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