i know that their entire point in the name is just to trick people into thinking they were the legitimate American Academy of Pediatrics, but being labeled a fringe hate group with a real sounding name like the american college of pediatricians is still very funny to me.

@root like half of my banned instance list is just sites that sound like other sites but are hate sites

@ben it's almost like they know they're wrong and have to try to hide amongst us by disguising themselves badly.

@root i think it’s hilarious that their acronym is literally “A COP”

@root The funny thing is I actually got the video this is referring to in my recommended just now lol

@TheAmazingM hahaha good. i like zoe! her being a teacher really helps me feel like im learning something useful lmao

@root Also adding another entry to the "PragerU What the Actual Fuck?!" board
Not a surprise at this point but still

PragerU bullshit 

@root I'm still thinking about Denis Prager complaining about how saying Happy Holidays is actually not nice cause it's excluding him.... while the channel has like 3 videos of them advocating for private military contractors

PragerU bullshit 

@TheAmazingM godddd lmao he is such a creature.

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