now this is a good twist. one that is completely irrelevant from the main storyline.

@eject no one wants lamps to be sued! then they wont be able to afford rent in our homes and it will be dark!

@eject the fact that they identified he only owned one but did not analyze its type and dimensions proves that everyone's heart in all of this is in the wrong place. including those documenting the judge's false equivalence. because in reality you would sue the lamp companies. and it would be a little off-putting if he said he did not want companies to be sued.

that being said, we need to know if this one lamp is ideal for both the dimensions of the judge's homes and his needs.

@eject which the lack of details makes clearly impossible. disappointing.

@root exposé! The lamp is actually owned by judge's butler!

@root What in the absolute fuck is this?
Do the twists ever stop??

@TheAmazingM it's segue twists all the way down! you'll never know how you got there!

@root I feel like I'm reading the fucking ramblings of someone lying out of their ass to try to cover up for something or some shit

@root what if he used to own more lamps, but worried his lamps would be sued or sue back?

Like the one and only lamp is a trustworthy sucker of a lamp

@lapis yeah that was what i was wondering, what if that half-joke he made just slowly ate away at him at night. he looked in fear as he envisioned the scheming eyes of his lamps. he had to start getting rid of them to feel safe. he keeps one downstairs for absolute emergencies.

@root the edit history on the real article is amazing as well (and I'm glad whoever made the fake one didn't actually vandalise Wikipedia for it)

@root @c24h29clo4 i don't understand why they keep reverting this; aren't negative diffs supposed to be good???

@marie_joseph @root they simply Cannot accept the truth that He's fake woodpecker who smiles all the time

@root I'm loosing my shit so hard that I woke my parents holy fucking shi

@root this is the kind of art of which we (humanity) need more

@root a luna moth did once try to sue all lamps for making it difficult to see the moon at night, but as soon as evidence was produced in court they flew face first into it

@root we all just kind of accept lamps as social gathering spots now

@root so sad this isnt true tbh it would have been great

@Nocta that's the real game here, dont be sad it isn't true, instead wonder how possible could segments of this story be true? it had to spawn from something. who knows what that scoundrel walter was up to in his free time.

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