dont know how i completely forgot opera existed but it feels like a real good time to look back into it after learning to really hate firefox and mozilla as a whole lmao

@root i'm an opera OG, but i dropped them when they switched to the chromium engine and lost all their customization

@john learning it was chromium was devastating but fortunately cy came in with the og fork

@root lol i use vivaldi and i love it, but it's also chromium based?

@john lmao it is? hahaha. well uhh i literally just learned from @katnjiapus that there's the otter browser as a continuation of how it used to be so maybe that'd be closer? at this point i had no idea browsers went this deep tbh.


@root @john Yeah it's Chromium based. Otter Browser uses QtWebKit, which is also based on the Blink-engine, but minus all the Google-parts AFAIK.

@katnjiapus @john

hmmm so you are saying it has all the good without the stinky... hmmmm... sounds too good to be true i must try it out then lmao

@root @katnjiapus eh never mind, any program that has text file for "how to install" that i don't understand get's the broom


@katnjiapus @john who doesnt love an experimental installer! (thanks btw i wouldnt have found this lmao)

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