dont know how i completely forgot opera existed but it feels like a real good time to look back into it after learning to really hate firefox and mozilla as a whole lmao

@moiety i think it's mostly just the old stuff that i learned about a few months ago that i've been sitting on and has been eating at the back of my mind every time i use it lmao. i just remember hearing the people in charge were just doing the normal gross foss stuff to be richbois in capitalism or whatever, i totally forgot the specifics i just remember having so so so so many issues with thunderbird that all my searching for resolution led me down the mozilla is bad rabbithole.

@root i'm an opera OG, but i dropped them when they switched to the chromium engine and lost all their customization

@john learning it was chromium was devastating but fortunately cy came in with the og fork

@root lol i use vivaldi and i love it, but it's also chromium based?

@john lmao it is? hahaha. well uhh i literally just learned from @katnjiapus that there's the otter browser as a continuation of how it used to be so maybe that'd be closer? at this point i had no idea browsers went this deep tbh.


@root tbh opera was a pain in the ass when it was on presto (before chromium) because it wasn't compatible with so many websites.

turns out web sites are designed for chromium because most people use chromium

@root @john Yeah it's Chromium based. Otter Browser uses QtWebKit, which is also based on the Blink-engine, but minus all the Google-parts AFAIK.

@katnjiapus @john

hmmm so you are saying it has all the good without the stinky... hmmmm... sounds too good to be true i must try it out then lmao

@root @katnjiapus eh never mind, any program that has text file for "how to install" that i don't understand get's the broom

@katnjiapus @john who doesnt love an experimental installer! (thanks btw i wouldnt have found this lmao)

@root I got really excited for a second that this was a post about opera the kind lf theater

@QuakerWanker lmao i wouldnt mind opera going hard again after hellworld slightly recovers. im ready to do some wild stuff ive never done once i can go outside again.

@root put on your finery and have a giggle as a bunch of nuns cry about the french revolution (Dialog of The Carmelites)

@CyclopsCaveman why even bother renaming it to convolute it. this is duckduckgo all over again FUCK

@root i use vivaldi, which is a post-chromium opera fork run by the original opera guys that offers oodles of customization options

@root they claim they're not going to integrate support for that new chrome built in tracker thing so 🤞

@root please... just a crumb of browsers that aren't loaded with unnecessary features meant to track me across the web or add unneeded functionality to websites... please

@moiety @CyclopsCaveman the funny thing is, when i am installing things on new computers i always need to activate explorer because edge is SO bloated on new installs i swear.

@root Opera sadly is just a Chromium browser now, owned by a really shady company. The Presto engine was ditched in Opera 12.14 or so. The devs on the old team moved over to Vivaldi.

On a related note, the Presto engine code got leaked not too long ago.

@katnjiapus yeah so ive learned, looking into vivaldi now lol

@root There's also a libré project called Otter Browser, that's like a continuation the UX experience and functionality of Opera.

@root Vivaldi's carrying on the torch of the original Opera, and they've disabled a lot of Google's privacy violations in their browser.

@kumamushi ahh ok i was wondering how they were if they were still chromium, that is good to know that they have at least culled most of that lol thanks for the info :>

@root You're welcome! I've been pretty happy with them lately.

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