*puts open face helmet on redguard in elder scrolls: arena which has what i guess must be a preset face for open face helmets of a white dude?*

bethesda: game design is my passion

@root arena was their first game, right?

I mean, even in skyrim, if your redguard contracts vampirism, they turn white, so I guess things haven't changed much.

@webweaver lmao yeah it's kind of hard to believe how much they haven't updated that is clearly based on how a bunch of white dudes see the world. like tes is based on earlier d&d but their own whiter version. speaking of, the d&d editions have at least updated with the times and made sure to work on removing anything that perpetuated real life racial stereotypes and making sure it's its own world and welcoming without pulling in any terrible shit from the real world that could alienate people

@webweaver tes on the other hand, "no it can't be changed that's the important canonical lore!!1"

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