hey hey if you enjoy indie comics especially detailed soft lesbian ones with beach theming you should support my girlfriend's attempts to do another run of her 36 page one-shot sunshowers. >$15 gets you a physical copy too!

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@efi it made me tear up it's very sweet and wholesome lol

@penny oh wow you're in phoenix right? im used to no one living down here at least down here specifically in az lmao heck yeah though! :slimeheart:

@root Yep though the only time I ever come down there is to go to the Round 1!

@penny aaa we miss round 1 so much because we have been doing our best to make sure we stay as quarantined as possible especially with the increased cases lately but we were just talking the other day about how we missed it lmao

@root my gf keeps bringing up Dave and Busters because that's what's local and we super miss even that place :blobcatheartbroken:

(they do have DDR A at Westgate so that's cool)
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