did you know you can just set up your own toll booth without getting permission? it's generally a lot more hassle to prove it shouldn't be there i guess? but hey free money on a narrow road, time to go force my way into the abandoned toll booth on the mountain!

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@root @Garrison i heard about a guy who set up ticket machines for a free parking lot that he didn't own, took a decade before anyone caught on

@Sapphicgiraffic @Garrison

goddd lmao yeah i fuckin see that sooo much downtown here?? so many random ass vacant lots next to mostly empty parking lots that people just stand in front of with some coroplast that they write "$5 parking" on or something. sometimes more if it's like, an event nearby? lol. works very well with all the snow birds.

@root @Sapphicgiraffic most of the lots downtown here have pay machines and signs that say "DO NOT PAY ATTENDANT"... but such signs are removable lol

@root @Garrison you can just put on a uniform, tape an out of order sign on any machine that's supposed to take money from people, stand next to the machine and take the people's money instead

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