just my third paycheck in a row not being paid out. one more and ill start to be in serious trouble lmao.


im legitimately so fuckin upset about this i cant take it lol like, not only have i had to use my savings exclusively for over a month but i see everyone else getting paid and he just doesnt touch my folder and im like ?? cool love to work for a narcissistic dick that apparently hates me and is doing crimes against me i cant do anything about except quit and i cant even do that because he said i needed to find someone else if i quit lmao. this feels so fucked up.

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alright ill shut up lol sorry to bother y'all.

@efi lol usually if i make a post and after that long no one reacts to it i feel like im being an annoying waste of time when there are worse things going on and i need to shut up.

@root well, whenever I make a post nobody replies, so I guess I'm a huge annoying waste of time all day every day...

@efi i mean it's just my anxiety but that's how i feel i mean.

@root me too, but maybe you're right and I'm just an annoying pest tbqh

@efi ill work on keeping an eye out for your posts more. i usually try to keep an eye out for all my friends' posts and react to them if i can but i usually try to not fave anything sad you post because you told me not to do that and i usually have a hard time figuring out what to say but that's my issue i need to work on.

@root :* <3
remember when I posted a gif of my game? that was fun

@efi yeah!! i love interacting with that stuff, i know how to interact with that! haha :>

@root 🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️

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