it's so depressing how cringe every new detail about 2077 is due to being made by a room of racist anti lgbtq white dudes lmao

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@root I read one (1) post about this on twitter earlier and I was like, NOPE

@InvaderXan lmaoo right?? that happens every single time!! hhhhhh this is the fuckin opposite of what cyberpunk is lmao oof

@kameleonidas @InvaderXan yeah they had some very transphobic posters i remember them removing, recently they had two Portuguese twins named "left" and "right" in Portuguese but right's name actually means correct, not a direction. implying thry had no native speakers to check just the character names themselves. i know there's more, i vaguely also remember some pro-cishet shit (in cyberpunk lmao) but those are the two that i committed to memory without needing to find more details hah

@root @InvaderXan Ugh. This is the kind of post that makes me want to react with something other than ⭐ . Thanks for the information. I hate it.

@kameleonidas @InvaderXan

haha yeahh ugh it's no fun and im sorry to be the messenger but at the very least i suppose this means i get to be pleasantly surprised if there is a like, unofficial "actual" cyberpunk patch in a year or so lol

@root @InvaderXan Don't be sorry for being the messenger - that's the part I feel inclined to ⭐.

@root think of the piracy and mods

That's what's keeping me hyped lol a good character creator and the ability to mod out all the garbage and mod in some real gay shit cause I've seen a lot of queerios interested

@dragon yeah im definitely gonna pirate it buuuut im not sure if I'll do it until like, modders fix it lmao

@velexiraptor two twins are supposed to be named left and right in Portuguese but right is named correct in Portuguese and they didn't bother to ask any native speakers lmao like what literally learned nothing from every single other issue they've been called out for

@velexiraptor knowing them too they'd sooner just remove the twin than fix it like every other problematic thing they "fixed"

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