@Aleums she got like, so relaxed or into it that she leaned her throat hard enough against the wall of the carrier that she was choking herself, she didn't have anything around her throat. i can't believe her lmao

@root how long has she been going on trips with you? did she take awhile to get used to it?

@Aleums this was the first time we really used it honestly lol she took a few minutes but figured it out pretty quickly actually, she hated the fully closed off carriers so i purposefully looked for an open one with a harness attachment instead

@root it's freakin adorable, she looks like she's having a blast. Was it expensive?


@Aleums uhh not terribly, but it didn't come with a harness we just already had one. it was just over 30 bucks by a few dollars i think and we didn't have a carrier for her so i got it, it's also meant to work with bikes and has the connections for em which is neat!

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