toast ready for adventure

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@Aleums she got like, so relaxed or into it that she leaned her throat hard enough against the wall of the carrier that she was choking herself, she didn't have anything around her throat. i can't believe her lmao

@root how long has she been going on trips with you? did she take awhile to get used to it?

@Aleums this was the first time we really used it honestly lol she took a few minutes but figured it out pretty quickly actually, she hated the fully closed off carriers so i purposefully looked for an open one with a harness attachment instead

@root it's freakin adorable, she looks like she's having a blast. Was it expensive?

@Aleums uhh not terribly, but it didn't come with a harness we just already had one. it was just over 30 bucks by a few dollars i think and we didn't have a carrier for her so i got it, it's also meant to work with bikes and has the connections for em which is neat!

@Aleums she's too smart for her own good and figured out a different blockade with a 10 pound weight and a wooden board so i guess something thaat is meant to be like comfortable and mostly normal for cats just moving and attached to you wasn't too hard for her to be like ok i can go outside if I'm i drive the human.

@sindastra lmaoo i definitely am gonna make one, she's overdo for one and right when i saw her face on this i had to. so i need to make a whole set and rename :toast_cat:​lol

@root truly cats have accomplished what we can only dream of

@pantransautie "i see, too go outside i have to drive the human"

@root Toast looks content, but somehow I also have to comment that that weather looks awesome. *wistful sigh*

@root holy shit I love this so much have fun on your trip

@f0x Haha thank! hopefully she'll like going even further than a block next time lol

@root ahh omg what a lil darling!!! 🖤🖤🖤

@root this inspired me to take my kitty out in her own lil backpack 🎒🐱

@aldersprig you can see it a liiittle better in another picture but she's wearing a harness and then the space for her also has an attached short leash you can connect to the harness awww adorable!!

My Oli-cat only goes out into the yard with me, and in the winter, I can get him to ride my shoulders pretty well. He will accept a harness but isn't thrilled with it.


@aldersprig aaa i love that hahha toast isn't fantastic at riding on shoulders since she's clumsy but with the backpack she has the support to sit on my shoulder lmao

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