@root impatient. I wanted to wait for this dag on windows update to finish before I went to bed, but I'm bouta give up on it

@CartoonBangover i had a similar thing today at work but the impatience was mny coworker with the keys that was waiting for me that was waiting for an install and i got anxious so i wrote instructions for when it finishes and i hope she can figure them out or else ilk prolly get in trouble tomorrow which isn't fair windows updates don't have any fucking concept of using a percentage when each percentage seems to account for a random amount of data. and then always on 99% for at least 7 min

@root it's total bullshit. Like just don't have the percentage. I already don't have a realistic time table, you don't gotta lie to me

@CartoonBangover I'm petty enough to want to know if this is actually a conspiracy or not. it has to be a farce to make people complacent enough to not complain that they don't know how far it is

@root it most definitely is. microsoft's in the pocket of Big Update

@CartoonBangover ok holy fuck it exactly is just a fun loading screen more or less actually. 86% of interviewed users preferred to see a visual, even if it was arbitrary. they like to go, "oooh look at all the work it's doing!!"



@CartoonBangover and obviously there's an xkcd too

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