ugh i really want them to develop that chemical that stops the damage of sound energy so it doesn't have to be injected into the specific part of the ear and hasn't been tested on people yet into a pill or whatever

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@root i saw that video! i cant wait for that! i kinda thought it meant like a drug that makes you temporarily deaf at first but its still cool

@NuclearTess lmao that's what i totally thought too?? and that's honestly thr only way that it made sense to me? but im really into the idea of testing it and seeing if what would normally be like, actually painful, isn't.

@root i feel like the volume of things we'd be able to withstand with the drug would be limited to what our brains could comfortably process. loud enough stuff might stuff hurting physically and start hurting mentally ya know

@NuclearTess woah that sounds bonkers, to get those thinking type of pains but from sound? weird.

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