cesya is currently interviewing for a place i can only really describe as gardner's disneyland oor something it's just massive and has every dang plant you could imagine as well as multiple cats and it's very fun lmao

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she just walks in and gets hired lmao why can't i do stuff like that but no im very excited for her lol

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would this happen to be longwood by any chance? :o
It sounds very similar.

@awfulawfulthings it's actually mesquite valley growers! but im v glad to hear about other large nurseries

@root oh you aren't kidding about every type of plant. Longwood Gardens is actually more like a park. But it definitely has that Disneyland aspect to it. Also cats. They also do some nursery stuff too.

@baronnarcveldt Haha yeah she wasn't expecting it but i hope she enjoys it a lot more than her current one that's wearing on her

@root a place with every plant i can imagine /and/ cats?? what is this magical heaven you write of?? i must go there

@Olli_W_ lmao it's called mesquite valley growers apparently! and they even have their own cat sanctuary it seems? v neat

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