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im realizing i made the choice on my 2nd day of work to, instead of explaining to my new boss that the old html for the setup of one of his websites that he wanted to publish an Instagram feed to basically made it require a good amount of time in redesigning the site to keep the somewhat helter-skelter design while also overlaying the feed, to instead just completely redesign the site with the feed on the side in a more structured format that still worked properly for orders in a few hours.

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@Surasanji lol thank you for listening to me talk about work and the things i do at said place of work

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@root I'm glad to. :) If they haven't complained, you must be doing a good job! :D

@root so you say you' do your best work with copious amounts of wine? :fry:

@root Dionysus absolutely smoked weed. Non-stop. Dreadlocked Nag Champa style.

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