i wish i knew how to talk for 10-30 (youtube-podcast scale) minutes at a time fluently without disassociating five minutes in and just getting lost in deep torrential thought like dante being cast into the inferno.

@root i always used to enjoy the Youre So Brave podcast with like how they sometimes would just podcast through the dissocation. i feel if you like found someone you had that kind of rapport with where you bounce off each other with whatever vibes happening it might help?

@root i swear trans youtubers must edit out a hell of a lot of dissociation.. and having to look at your face and listen to your voice as a job? fuuuuuuuucccc

@root err sorry not meant your face, was just thinking about any trans youtuber having to go through that, would destroy me.

@mxsiege lol the only jobs i've been able to get in the past 5ish years have mostly been call center jobs where i need to listen to my voice a ton and it's hell. not just like from talking on the phone but also a lot of listening to my recorded calls for one reason or another. i wish i could find a job. preferably one that isnt fuckin that.

@root @mxsiege I am quite serious about finding work as a groundskeeper at a cemetery.

@root @mxsiege most of the people you work with are corpses, and you get to work outside or in a crypt.

@root @mxsiege

Oh gosh that’s rough. Wow do I not miss call centers.

@Eweish @root oof, yeah sorry to hear that. Like the only place i can listen to my own voice is when its like playing back into my into my ear at the same time like working CAMs backstage. makes me feel like im hosting a radio show.

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